MimaProTM - Microwave Ablation System

MimaProTM Microwave Ablation System is an advanced soft tissue ablation system, which offers state of the art design, function and unique characteristics. MimaProTM is a light-weight, low-cost portable generator with unique capabilities that can be used in interventional, non-vascular and in surgical specialties.

Tumor Ablation

Tumor Ablation and Varicose Vein

MimaProTM Microwave Ablation System can treat soft tissue, thyroid, bone, varicose vein, remove cyst hydatids and do a complete resection procedure of liver with minimal bleeding. MimaProTM applicators use advanced technology while facilitating safe and effective use of high power. Probes available in sizes as small as 16 and 18 gauges and length 10cm, 15cm, 18cm and 27cm. Applicators are designed to be highly visible and traceable under CT and Ultrasound to assist with placement of the probe in the target tissue.


2.45 GHz operating frequency

Solid state generator

Generator power up to 140 W

High Net Power at probe tip

Integrated Peristaltic pump

Reflection Energy Monitoring

Time monitoring screen (min. & sec.)

Real time temperature monitoring

Water cooled applicator